ExChange Program


The IAAS exchange program – ‘Expro’- exists over 45 years and in this time more than 20.000 students have been exchanged with IAAS. This program gives opportunities to all students in Countries, where a recognised local committee of IAAS is active, to do a traineeship (internship) in another country. With ‘Expro’, you can learn and experience things that cannot be learned out of course books.

The IAAS exchange program can be split in three categories:

  1. The Ceres program

Internships in farms

  1. The Archimedes program

It involves working in research institutes, laboratories and so on. There are four types of Archimedes program: 

  • Research - the member will have a direct interaction while working in the field of research (i.e. taking part in a scientific project). Specific skills can be required. 
  • Education - the student will have an assignment to teach a subject in a foreign country. This subject can be a language, or can be connected with the academic background of the student. 
  • Management - the student will gain experience with administrative tasks. 
  • Engineering - the student is more involved in technical processes, ICT development.
  1. The Libertas program

It's a volunteering internship. 


The minimum duration of an IAAS Expro internship is 3 weeks, the maximum duration is 48 weeks.

To every trainee, the IAAS exchange network wants to offer a high quality internship. Besides providing useful working experience, an internship should also give a deep cultural impression of the destination country. Doing an IAAS internship is not a tourist event, the student shouldn't remain an outsider.

Doing an IAAS internship is not a holiday job either, because the program focuses on learning rather than on earning. A lot of internships are even unpaid. Often this is so because it is not allowed by the local government. Therefore, we recommend every student to check country specific Expro-information on the IAAS-webpage and to remind the receiving Exchange Coordinator to send a detailed job offer that describes the working conditions.

Further informations on IAAS WORLD website; also click here to check the possible destinations.