Travel journal

EDM - Croazia 2016

Another new member decided to explore the IAAS World joining the EDM in Zagreb from december 29th to january 4th. It was an intense experience with many workshops and soft skill training, it has been a great opportunity to increase our sensibility on food waste and other food and agricoltural...

Seminar - Perugia 2016

It has been a real challenge...but we nailed it! We hosted 13 students from other IAAS committees around Europe and showed them the Umbrian agri-food excellences. We hope they all had a great time... We sure did!!

Seminar - Germany 2016

Despite her short experience in the local IAAS committee, Monica participated to the Seminar held by our colleagues from Hohenheim (Stuttgart). The event focused on this year FAO topic "pulses" and every country had to prapare a presentation about a typical product. Click to see more

ExCo Meeting - Greece 2016

"IAAS Exchange Coordinators Meeting" is an annual conference on practical experience and internship; this year it was hosted by the greek IAAS committee and Irene represented us there.   Click to see more

Exchange week - Switzerland 2016

IAAS Switzerland organized an exchange week from the 13th until 19th of March in Sion and Zurich for greek, italian and croatian guests. The goal of the event was to teach more about agriculture and food processing by visiting farms and factories and doing workshops. Lucia, Antonello and Antonio...

EDM - Greece 2015

The European Directors Meeting 2015 took place in Greece and our new enteries Antonio and Tommaso went there!   Click to see more