Seminar 2016 - UPDATE

03.06.2016 15:46

Dear friends of IAAS,

as we said before we are a small and brand new committe with financial problems but we are very confident that we can make a great event in our city;

this exchange week was meant to be an "Hey, IAAS Perugia is still alive, working, and wants to meet you here!", we strongly believed in this event from the first day of organisation, despite the lack of any kind of economical support. We knocked a thousand doors for sponsors, but the economical crisis Italy is undergoing has made owners not very keen on funding young activities like these. Fortunately, there have been some little exceptions, and we are still engaged in the research.

This is why we decided to ask for a participation fee for our ExWeek, thinking that making a little exception to the "rule" would have been a good compromise between our economical problems and the desire expressed by many IAAS friends to come visit us. Obviously we don't have any kind of personal income from our activities, and honestly did not think this would be a great bureaucracy problem.

But things have to be done the right way, and since we have received more than one recall on our improper request, we decided, after weighing different possible solutions to the problem, to "transform" our ExWeek into a Seminar with the theme (already assigned to the event) Italian Agri-Food Excellences. Location, dates and fee will not change (Perugia, 14-19 July, 55 €), and people who have already sent pre-enrolling form will still be considered as participants (further and official confirmation will be requested soon).

So, in line with IAAS Seminar regulation, we open up applications for the remaining places (number still undefined) to all Countries (we would suggest application of members from EU Countries, since times are a bit short for the granting of visas).

We are sorry for the misunderstanding and organisation problems, but ask you to be patient since we are investing all our energies and doing our best to make the dream to host you, IAAS friends, come true.

Hoping to meet you soon, we say...ciao a tutti!


IAAS Perugia Local Committee


Perugia - 14.07/19.07

It took a while.....but here we are!!! We are back organising an exchange week for our friends from Sassari, Greece, Switzerland and Croatia.

We want to focus our time together on the discovery of local food excellence and products in general through some visits to farms and companies.

It's been hard for us to organize an event earlier because our committee is pretty new and our university is going through some economic difficulties; these are the main reasons why, in order to make this event happen, we need to reach 15 participants, so we are now opening pre-enrolments. Let us know if you are interested as soon as possible!!

We can't wait to have you all in Italy!



Participants allowed per country: 4, every country can send as many applications as they want but after 4 you will be added to a waiting list.

Participation fee: 55 € (we'll give you more details about the payment when we'll open the actual applications).


Pre-enrolling forms

Send your request!!